Programme – Lighting for Transport & Infrastructure Conference 2018
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22 FEBRUARY 2018 | Cavendish Conference Centre | London



Exclusive presentations by keynote speakers, interactive sessions, live interviews and a networking drinks reception.
  • Thursday 22 February 2018
    • 8:55 am

      Welcome from the chair

    • 9:00 am

      LG15: The key considerations

      Speakers: Keith Miller of GIA Equation
      We look at the key considerations, recommendations and advice in the Society of Light and Lighting’s new lighting guide for transport-related buildings.
    • 9:30 am

      Glare and light pollution

      Speakers: Jeff Shaw of Arup
      Without adequate management, LED lighting can lead to negative environmental impacts such as increased light pollution due to blue light scattering and glare. How do we minimise these impacts?
    • 10:00 am

      Lighting’s role in electric vehicle charging

      What has been the experience of early trials with electric vehicle charging using exterior lighting? This presentation will look at the technical issues and practical challenges of integrating both services into one unit.
    • 10:30 am

      Equality Act: The Dos and Don’ts

      The Equality Act replaces the Disability Discrimination Act and requires reasonable adjustments to be made in relation to accessibility and the needs of likely building users. What, specifically, is its impact on lighting provision?
    • 11:00 am


    • 11:15 am

      Coffee, exhibition and networking

    • 11:20 am


    • 11:45 am

      The IoT and lighting: The challenges and opportunities

      Lighting has the potential to be the communication backbone of in structural projects and with the right sensors, opens up opportunities for a host of data-based services. The widespread deployment of the technologies present a variety of challenges specifically how they will be used and how will they evolve.
    • 12:15 pm

      Lighting for CCTV and security

      How do we specify the most appropriate lighting to secure maximum-quality CCTV images for site management as well as investigative and evidential purposes?
    • 12:45 pm

      Emergency lighting for outdoor applications

      In an emergency, what do building occupants do once they have left the exit door? BS 5266 discusses safe passage to a muster point or a place of safety while the SLL Code to the Exterior Environment document recommends that in brightly lit areas, the minimum illuminance should be greater
    • 1:15 pm

      Q & A

    • 1:30 pm

      Lunch, exhibition and networking

    • 2:25 pm


    • 2:30 pm

      Case study: Rail best-practice exemplar

      Speakers: Mark Middleton of Grimshaw
      As managing partner for Grimshaw’s London office, Mark plays a key role in project work, and he has specialist expertise in rail, aviation and metro design projects, as well as wider experience in the leisure and commercial property sectors. He is currently working on several projects including high speed rail
    • 3:00 pm

      Case study: Airports best-practice exemplar

    • 3:30 pm

      Case study: Car parks best-practice exemplar

    • 4:00 pm

      Q & A

    • 4:15 pm

      Coffee, exhibition and networking

    • 4:20 pm


    • 4:45 pm

      Asset management and testing

      Most lighting columns and high masts are in public areas so their structural integrity must be monitored, recorded and maintained. What’s an appropriate test and inspection regime for exterior lighting?
    • 5:15 pm

      Colour temperature, light levels and mesopic vision: Are we on the same page?

      Speakers: Alistair Scott of Designs for Lighting
      As BS 5489 allows us to use lower illumination levels when using cool light sources, should we automatically drop light levels? What’s the relationship between colour temperature and mesopic vision? What’s an appropriate and acceptable colour temperature for exterior applications? Our panel of leading experts consider the issues.
    • 5:45 pm

      Q & A

    • 6:00 pm

      Chairman’s closing remarks